10 Cultural Responsibilities of a Leadership Team

10 Cultural Responsibilities of a Leadership Team

These 10 cultural responsibilities of a leadership team were created by Brian Houston of Hillsong Church

I found them in a video from Hillsong Conference 14 on Daystar, but Ps. Brian also wrote about them on his blog. You can find that post here

These are my notes, slightly adapted from Ps. Brian's original content, that I used for our Legacy Team Night to encourage some our leaders. 

— Pastor Lyle

Everything has a culture. If you are a leader, you set that culture.

Leaders must first BE the culture before they can BUILD the culture. 

We must build culture around faithful people. Faithful people protect the culture that empowers them.

These 10 points will help leaders BE the culture. These are not all of the exact culture points we hope to establish at Legacy, but I believe that they can fit in just about any church environment. 

Every leader should embrace these points—

1. I Am a Can Do Person

We surround ourselves with can do people, not can’t do people. It is easy to be ruled by what we can’t do or what we don’t have enough money for.

Experience is overrated. Don’t live by experience, live by faith.

2. This Is Not My Job, This Is My Life

When we live “called” what we do is not a job, but a calling. 

John 10:11-13 ESV
I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. He flees because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep. 

You cannot build a culture on a hireling spirit. A hireling spirit is only there for the paycheck, not for the sheep.

3. I Will Serve the Lord With Gladness

Not sadness, not madness, but gladness! When we don’t serve the Lord with gladness, we think in minimums.

Minimums sound like, “What time do I have to be there? Do I have to go to that? Do we have to stay very long? When do I get to leave?”

Jesus did not have a minimums attitude. He did not say, “How long do I have to stay up there? Do they have to use nails?”

You don’t want to surround yourself with people that have a minimums attitude. Leaders, you will always get what you accept!

4. Empowerment Starts With Me

Empowerment is not only downward. Meaning, it’s not just leaders empowering subordinates. Empowerment works in every direction.

You can actually empower your leaders! Enable your leaders to keep their heads lifted and lead with vision.

5. I Am Not on the Gossip Train

We should be the last to know about the latest gossip. If people are calling you all the time to tell you about the latest gossip, you should ask yourself why!

“If you didn’t see it or hear it directly, don’t invent it with your small mind or speak it with your big mouth.” — Christine Caine

6. I Am One of Them

There is no “Us” vs. “Them” here. Meaning, the bosses and the workers, the leaders and the volunteers.

You should be on the same side as the people!

7. I Will Bring Those Around Me on My Journey

This is about family. Don’t just sort things out at the church, sort things out with your family too. Or else, your family may start to resent your role at the church.

Don’t set your family up to become enemies of the church!

8. What I Am a Part of Is Bigger Than the Part I Play

The moment we begin to think that our part is bigger than what we are a part of, we destroy the culture and bring separation.

This attitude looks like—“If it wasn’t for me, this wouldn’t be happening.”

This attitude happens when people are unteachable. You must have someone in your life that looks you in the eye and tells you what you need to hear.

9. I Delegate, but Don't Dump

There are some that are great at working upwards. Meaning, there is nothing that they won’t do for their boss. But, when it comes to doing the work, they dump it on others.

Dumping doesn’t consider the other person’s responsibilities. Be respectful to others by delegating, not dumping.

10. My Spirituality Is Attractive

We shouldn’t be ugly Christians. Meaning, we should not be pseudo spiritual, super spiritual, opinionated, negative, or critical. We should simply focus on loving God, loving people, and loving life. That’s attractive!

Leaders stay off social media and blogs with their harsh opinions! 

Remember, you must BE the culture before you can BUILD a culture!