Let's help Houston!


Houston has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. We're doing our part to help.


How we're helping:

1. We are collecting donations to send to Houston.

Legacy is partnering with long time friends, Destiny Ministries, to financially aid those suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

100% of everything received will go to this effort.

2. We are collecting supplies to send to Houston.

We need the following supplies:

Bring supplies to church this Sunday!

Due to limited space in our vehicles, we will only be receiving these designated supplies. Please do not drop off anything that is not listed here.

3. We are sending a team to help clean up Houston.

If you are able bodied and ready to serve, please contact us via the form below.

We do not yet know the day that we'll leave. It could be as early as next Tuesday, September 5th. However, we may need wait until the flooding in Houston subsides more. If you sign up, you'll need to be ready to go within 3 days notice.

Space will be limited, so please reach out asap. Also, this is an emergency relief, missions trip. We do not yet know where we'll stay, the food we'll eat, or the conditions of where we'll be serving. Please be mindful of these realities prior to signing up.

Thank you! Together, we can make a difference!