Loved into your purpose

Legacy Groups is connection to discipleship. We want to grow deeper with each other and with God, and have fun doing it


Next Groups Season: Summer 2018

Current Season: Feb 4th - May 26th

The next season launches in July and runs for 16 weeks. This is what we call a season


    Want to Lead or Co-Lead?

    • Legacy Groups meet (minimum) twice a month. (more if desired)
    • Groups can meet any day of the week, at any time of the day
    • We encourage leading "Interests Based" groups. Meaning, groups can be based on gender (Men's, Women's), career (Young Professionals, Musicians), season-of-life (New Moms, Youth), interests/hobbies (Fitness), or study (Reading a book together)
    • To sign up for the next Legacy Group Leader training, click below