Find your people, find your destiny

The purpose of Legacy Groups is connection to discipleship. We want to grow deeper with each other and with God, and have fun while doing it.


Next Groups Season: Feb 4th- May 26th, 2018

The next Legacy Groups season launches February 4th and runs until May 26th. This is what we call a season. The next season will start July 2018.


    Want to Lead or Co-Lead?

    • Legacy Groups meet (minimum) twice a month. (more if desired)
    • Groups can meet any day of the week, at any time of the day!
    • We encourage leading "Interests Based" groups. Meaning, groups can be based on gender (Men's, Women's), career (Young Professionals, Musicians), season-of-life (New Moms, Youth), interests/hobbies (Fitness), or study (Reading a book together).
    • To sign up for the next Legacy Group Leader training, click below