We're launching Groups!

September 10th, we launch Legacy Groups. To find your Group, tap the button below.

Here's some more info on Legacy Groups...

It's not Dinner Parties, it's Legacy Groups.

Dinner Parties were a wild success! But, we want to grow deeper. After all, we're a family!

The purpose of Legacy Groups is simple. Connect and have fun!


Groups Launch: September 10th, 2017

Groups End: December 9th, 2017

Legacy Groups will officially launch on September 10th and run until December 9th. This is what we're calling a "season". The next season will start January 2018.

What You Need To Know

  • Legacy Groups will meet twice a month. (Minimum, can meet more if desired.)
  • They can meet any day of the week, at any time of the day!
  • We're encouraging "Interests Based" groups. Meaning, groups can be based on gender (Men's, Women's), career (Young Professionals, Musicians), season-of-life (New Moms, Youth), interest (Fitness), or study (Reading a book together).

Want to Host or Co-Host?

Sign ups for our current season are closed. However, you can go ahead and sign up for next season's training. Just fill out the form below!

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